1. Tempe­ra­tu­re in °C or °F, shows the current measu­red value
  2. Rela­ti­ve humi­di­ty in %, shows the current measu­red value
  3. Alarm: Appears as soon as a limit value has been excee­ded
  4. Record­ing: Appears as soon as a microSD-card is inser­ted (record­ing starts auto­ma­ti­cal­ly)
  5. Batte­ry capa­ci­ty
  6. Left paper clip button (▲): Next menu item, confir­ma­ti­on
  7. Right paper clip button (+): Chan­ge subme­nu settings
  8. IR recei­ver for the remo­te control
  9. Slot for the microSD-card
  10. Mini-USB port for connec­tion to PC or power
    supply via power supply unit
  11. Locking push: Button for opening and locking the back of the housing
  12. Opening for the inter­nal sensor. Do not cover this area!
  13. Socket for exter­nal humidity/temperature sensor (acces­so­ry)
  14. Socket for alarm cable (acces­so­ry)
  15. Batte­ry compart­ment
  16. Batte­ry posi­ti­on symbol